1600 Penn Watch was created in December of 2016 with the goal of providing the American people with an unbiased site for news about the White House.

In these uncertain political times, a lot has been said about the media. Current public perception of the media is not very good. We are not here to change the mind of anyone, we are not here to convince people to change their views. Our job is to present all of the facts to readers, and allow them to make a decision on their own.

We are not a partisan website, nor will we seek to push any sort of political agenda on our readers. We simply present the facts, and occasionally publish editorials, which represent our views on selected topics impacting the White House. Readers have the ability to either listen to our opinions, or they can choose to completely ignore them, that’s the beauty of the system that we live in.

We welcome a healthy debate and discussion in the comments section and invite all of our readers to express their views on certain topics. However, there is a line between healthy debate and straight up bullying, which will absolutely not be tolerated on the site. Anyone caught bullying other people in the comments section, no matter the reason, will have their comments removed, and will be barred from further comments for a period of time that is deemed appropriate.

We abide by the code of conduct set out in the Associated Press StyleBook. We strive to seek all information on a particular topic and to properly and responsibly report it. However, we are human, and we will occasionally fail at this mission. If you notice a failure on our part, please let us know. You may fill out this form and we will review the error and if necessary issue a correction.

One thing about our site is the fact that you won’t see any bylines on our articles, this is done so that our contributors are able to do their jobs without the threat of retaliation by those who do not agree with our views. While we are primarily a news outlet, even very honorable reporters are threatened by those who feel that they have a partisan agenda.

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