It is the week of June 19, 2017. Here is a look at the approval rating of President Trump as calculated by polls released over the last week.


The average of the six polls cited below shows that 41.5% of Americans approve of President Trump’s job performance, while 52.5% of Americans disapprove of the President’s performance. Since this is the first edition of this column, we don’t have any past numbers for comparison.


The Gallup Poll, taken from June 15-17, is a sample of 1500 American adults and shows that 39% of Americans approve of the President’s performance, while 55 disapprove of it.


This Rasmussen poll is the one that the President cited in a tweet on Sunday morning. It is easily the most optimistic of the polls for the President, as it shows that his approval rating is right at 50%, which is the highest of the polls that were included.


This poll was taken from June 11-13 and surveys 1310 registered voters. It showed that 42% of Americans approve of the President’s performance, while 51% Disapprove.


This is one that was conducted from June 9-13 and surveyed 1492 Adults. IT has the President’s approval rating at 40%, and his disapproval at 56%.


This was the one that was the most pessimistic for the President, as it shows that just 37% of Americans approve of his performance, while 51% disapprove. This was also the one with the smallest sample size, as only 800 adults were surveyed.


The final poll included in this week’s ratings was taken from June 9-11 and surveyed just 811 registered voters. It has the President’s approval at 41%, and his disapproval at 52%. This is the closest one to the averages that were computed. (NOTE: This poll is run by a group who has a bias towards Democrats.)

So what do these mean? In short, not much. These are just taking a basic look at how Americans view the President. Each poll also includes more questions dealing with specific areas of policy, and events that take place. Take these numbers at face value, but they do show a barometer of how the President is doing.

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