SEATTLE — In a ruling handed down on Monday afternoon, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit has upheld in part a district court’s ruling that the Executive Order signed by the President that instituted a travel ban from six Muslim-majority countries was unconstitutional, though they did overturn part of the initial ruling.

The ruling, which was handed down early Monday afternoon, says that the district court erred when it blocked sections of the Executive Order that allowed for government agencies to conduct a review of their procedures for granting visas and citizenship and ordered the district court to issue a new ruling consistent with that judgment.

The big part of the ruling was upholding the decision to put into place a nationwide halt to enforcement of the Executive Order, which was the most hotly contested issue in this case. This is a similar ruling to the one that the 4th Circuit handed down a few weeks ago in a similar but unrelated case regarding the travel ban.

As of publication, the White House had not commented on the ruling. We will update once they comment.