Image Credit: CreditMC2 Sean M. Castellano/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Last week, President Donald Trump announced that the USS Carl Vinson battle carrier group was being rerouted and would be off the coast of North Korea in response threats to the United States and South Korea. That story was broken this week when the US Navy tweeted a photo of the carrier group docked off Indonesia, not the Korean Peninsula.

The public explanation was that there was a miscommunication between the Defense Department and the White House.

Officials from the administration now say that the group is really on their way to the Korean Peninsula, and is expected to arrive within the next week.

But what if it wasn’t really a miscommunication, what if the White House and the DOD deliberately put out misinformation in an attempt to stop a possible nuclear test by North Korea? If that is the case, it worked, as the North didn’t test a nuclear device, but did attempt to launch a missile, which failed.

Ultimately, we will never know what the real story was, as if it was deliberate, neither the White House or the DOD will admit to it. For now, we’ll just have to accept the “official” version of events.

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