WEST VIRGINIA — Vice President Mike Pence said on Saturday that President Trump’s attempt to overhaul the Affordable Care Act was inspiring and that he wouldn’t give up the fight.

You saw his resolve, to work with whoever he needed to work with, to call whoever he needed to call, to get our plan across the finish line this week on Capitol Hill,” Pence said at an event in West Virginia. “I’ve got to tell you, I was inspired by President Trump’s determination and commitment to keep his promise to the American people.”

The Republican bill to repeal and replace the ACA was pulled on Friday just before it was scheduled to be voted on after numerous Republicans publicly said that they were going to vote against it.

Pence also praised Paul Ryan (R-Wis) and the Republicans who had pledged to vote for it while blaming Democrats and other Republicans who came out against the bill.

But as we all learned yesterday, Congress just wasn’t ready,” Pence said. “You saw it. With 100 percent of House Democrats — every single one — and a handful of Republicans actually standing in the way of President Trump’s plan to repeal and replace Obamacare, we’re back to the drawing board.”

After the bill was pulled, President Trump remarked that “Obamacare is exploding,” a sentiment that Pence continued on Saturday, saying “Obamacare is going to continue to explode, and when Republicans and Democrats finally decide to come together and repeal and replace Obamacare, we’ll be ready to get the job done.

“We will end the Obamacare nightmare and give the American people the world-class healthcare that they deserve. Until then, I can promise you, President Trump is never going to stop fighting to keep his promises to the American people.”