MOSUL, IRAQ — The United States Military has acknowledged that a US-led airstrike last week killed over 100 people, according to a statement put out by the task force that is leading the coalition against Islamic terrorists in the region.

An initial review of strike data … indicates that, at the request of the Iraqi security forces, the Coalition struck ISIS fighters and equipment, March 17, in west Mosul at the location corresponding to allegations of civilian casualties.” The statement reads. “But the coalition will not abandon our commitment to our Iraqi partners because of ISIS’s inhuman tactics terrorizing civilians, using human shields, and fighting from protected sites such as schools, hospitals, religious sites and civilian neighborhoods.”

The strike comes in the early stages of the Trump administration, which has vowed to use a more aggressive campaign against the unIslamic Non-State. (UINS).

The airstrikes were launched against a group of UINS fighters, who are not only forcing civilians to remain in places of war but are actually moving them into heavily-fought areas.

This is reported to be the highest casualty in the offensive since it started in 2014. An Iraqi military commander suggested that the high count was due to one of the strikes hitting a car bomb, resulting in a giant explosion.