The latest executive order issued by President Trump, while a step up from his previous immigration-related executive order, is still illegal, and will end up being challenged in court. It will also be revealed for what it really is, a thinly-veiled attempt to stop all Muslim immigration into the United States.

If immigration is really such a big issue, one solution would be a temporary ban on all immigration to the United States, regardless of country of origin. This would enable the government to take a good, hard look at the current policies for issuing visas, and wouldn’t be so blatantly focused on one group of people. Of course, this would be a viable solution if he was really looking to improve the immigration system.

His real agenda with these executive orders, in case anybody was still unclear, is clearly to prevent Muslims from entering the country due to Islamaphobia. Allowing him to continue to enforce these policies that so clearly violate the US Constitution is a dangerous thing to do. This is why we have a free press so that they can call out the President when they are doing something so blatantly illegal.

His previous executive order on immigration was struck down by the courts, and this one will also be struck down. This is a step up from his previous one, but it is still illegal, and it is only a matter of time before the courts strike this one down as well.