UNITED STATES (3/4/17) — In a series of early-morning tweets, President Donald Trump today accused former President Barack Obama of illegally wiretapping his New York property called Trump Tower.

The tweet came in a series that varied widely in topics, ranging from this to the “real” reason that Arnold Schwarzenegger left the Celebrity Apprentice. They came after he reportedly leaving Washington D.C. in anger at his staff for how they handled the most recent allegations regarding Attorney General Jefferson Sessions.

Sessions, it came out this week, met multiple times with the Russian Ambassador, despite telling congress under oath that he never had communications with the ambassador. This caused an outpouring of anger and forced him to recuse himself from a probe into contact between the Trump campaign and Russia.

President Trump is spending the weekend at his Florida estate once again, where on Saturday he reportedly met with Sessions, as well as John Kelly, the Secretary of Homeland Security. He was scheduled to attend a dinner at the estate on Saturday night.