WASHINGTON D.C. — The United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate met in a joint session of Friday afternoon to count and formally certify the results of the electoral college vote. As expected, Donald Trump was elected President, while Mike Pence was elected Vice President.

The counting of the votes was at times testy, as multiple members of the House of Representatives attempted to object to various results from states, but without support from a Senator, those challenges were unable to be heard.

Here are the final vote totals, as certified by Joe Biden, President of the Senate.


Trump 304

Clinton 227

Colin Powell 3

Kasich 1

Ron Paul 1

Sanders 1

Spotted Eagle 1


Pence – 305

Kaine – 227

Warren – 2

Fiorina – 1

Susan Collins – 1

Maria Cantwell – 1

Winona LaDuuke – 1