UNITED STATES — President Obama has been briefed on the intelligence report he requested about the Russian hacking of the Democratic National Committee in relation to the 2016 election, according to White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

The White House does have the report, and President Obama is being briefed on it by a range of senior officials who are members of his national security team,” Earnest said at the daily press briefing, at around 1:30 p.m. ET. “It’s happening right now.”

Obama requested a full intelligence report about the Russian hacking of the DNC’s computers in an apparent attempt to influence the 2016 Presidential Election. A partial version of the report was released last week, which is when Obama announced sanctions against those responsible.

According to media reports, President-Elect Trump will be briefed on the report tomorrow, just one day after he sat in Trump Tower for a sworn deposition in regards to a lawsuit he filed against a chef who backed out of working at his new Washington D.C. hotel.

According to the White House, the full report is expected to be released sometime next week, before Trump takes the oath of office.