Image Credit: Sara D. Davis/Getty Images North America

UNITED STATES — President-Elect Trump will hold a press conference next week to announce how he will avoid conflict of interest charges while in the White House, according to senior adviser Kellyanne Conway. The press conference was supposed to be on Dec. 15, but was abruptly postponed indefinitely by the President-Elect.

I believe it was rescheduled for January 11, originally, and if the lawyers and the compliance officers feel like we’re ready, then we’ll stick to that date. It’s really up to them,” Conway said Monday night on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360.” “But I know that I spoke to the president-elect today about press conference and I know that’s the current plan. So that’s next week.”

The incoming president has substantial business holdings, both in the United States and in foreign countries. Traditionally, incoming presidents have put all of their holdings in a blind trust to ensure that decisions are being made in the best interests of the country, not the best interests of the first family. President-Elect Trump hasn’t yet committed to that.