UNITED STATES1600PennWatch will no longer be using the term ‘ISIS’ in articles. This decision was made after careful thought and research into the group. which led to the determination that they are not representing Islam, and they have not been recognized by any country or international group as an independent state, which means they shall no longer be called by their preferred name on this site.

Instead, we will be using the term ‘Unislamic Non-State’ (UINS) when referring to the group. This name was created by former United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, who used the term in a speech on Sept. 24 speech at the Security Council High-Level Summit on Foreign Terrorist Fighters, to which President Obama was an attendee.

The only exception shall be if we are quoting direct text from a speech given by a major policy influencer in which case we will use the text exactly as spoken.

This change in terminology, while it may be considered minimal, and purely symbolic, is an important one to make, and we are proud to make such change ahead of mainstream media outlets, who we encourage to join us in making this change.