Photo Credit: Steve Pope/Getty Images North America

We are just two and a half weeks away from the inauguration of President-Elect Trump, and once the oath of office is taken, and all of the ceremonies and parties are done, it will be time for him to begin to govern. In this edition of Sunday Special, we take a look at what his priorities should be during his first 100 days in office, which are the most important in a new presidency.

Come up with a plan to defeat ISIS
The biggest current issue in international politics is the threat that ISIS poses not just to the US, but to the entire world. As we’ve seen recently, the days of hijacking a plane or strapping a bomb to their chest is over. The new threat is someone with a truck driving into a large crowd, which has happened twice in the last nine months. So what can be done to stop them? That is up to the next President, but he should act fast before they can gain any more ground.

Put an end to this Russia controversy
The entire country was shocked earlier this month when the US formally announced that Russian hackers had been behind the hacks on the DNC, with the goal of helping Trump win the election. President Obama issued a set of fairly strict sanctions this week, including expelling 35 Russian diplomats and their families from the country. In the new term, it is up to President-Elect Trump to not overturn these sanctions and to become steadfast in stopping the Russians from possibly hacking into something more important, like an electricity grid in Vermont.

Issue new standards in regards to immigration
His campaign rhetoric was over the top, but underneath the threats of deportation were some pretty solid ideas. While deporting every single immigrant is not feasible, it is a good idea to make sure they are being fully vetted before allowing refugees to enter the US. Our current vetting process is already very stringent, but it can’t hurt to take another look at it, and the people being allowed into the country.

Create a plan to maintain the current economic growth
In the last few months of his presidency, President Obama has overseen economic growth, especially with the stock markets, which closed the year up in various amounts. The Dow Jones Industrial average finished the year up 13.4%, while the S&P 500 was up 9.5%, and the NASDAQ Composite finished the year up 7.5%. It will be interesting to see how the new president decides to maintain this economic growth, most of which he has already taken credit for, despite not yet being in office.

These are just some ideas for his first 100 days. No matter what he decides to do, we will be here monitoring it, and bringing you the latest news from the White House. From all of us to all of you, Happy New Year, and may 2017 bring you many blessings!