Throughout the 2016 election cycle, there has been a lot of comments made about the news media, led by President-Elect Trump, who repeatedly referred to them as “the dishonest media”, and “the failing New York Times”, among other names. He continues to make those statements, even with his inauguration less than a month away.

Partly due to President-Elect Trump’s comments, and partly due to the rise of the “alt-right” movement, the majority of the American people don’t trust the news media. So how can they regain the trust of the people?

Simple. The first step is to stop mixing hard news with analysis and opinion pieces. Members of the media should clearly label articles that are anything but hard news, which should be simply reporting the facts.

The second step is to stop reporting news that is worthless, like this article that made the front page of Politico this morning about whether Trump is as tall as he says he is.

Nobody cares about his height, nobody cares if he lied about it. His height has no bearing on whether or not he can run the country.

Members of the media should also stop the over-analysis of every single tweet that comes from the President-Elect. They should understand that just because something is posted on Twitter, doesn’t mean that it is going to result in a massive policy shift.

When he tweets, we don’t need a news piece, followed by an analysis piece, followed by multiple opinion pieces and a 20-minute spot on CNN about a tweet that doesn’t even have 140 characters in it.

There is a lot of friction between members of the media and the general public, but it is relatively easy to repair the relationship, but the news media must take the first step and show that they are willing to attempt to make amends.