NOTE: While this has nothing to do with the White House or the incoming administration, we feel that it is an important story, so that is why it appears on our site.

The North Carolina General Assembly went into a surprise special session on Thursday in what has been seen as an attempt to remove power from incoming Governor-Elect Roy Cooper (D), who defeated incumbent Pat McCroy (R) in the November election.

Protests erupted inside the state house after the session was announced, which led to the public galleries being cleared of all people. Among those who refused to leave was Joe Killian, who is a reporter for the liberal advocacy group N.C. Justice Center.

Upon his refusal to leave the gallery, he was arrested and removed forcefully from the grounds in a clear violation of his rights as a journalist.

We hereby call on the proper local authorities to immediately release Killian from prison, drop all charges against him, issue a public apology, and to investigate why a reporter was arrested for doing his job, which he has a legal right to do.

This was a grave misdoing by police, and a clear violation of freedom of the press. It is now time to correct this error, before it gets any more out of control.