It has been said before, and it will be said for the balance of President-Elect Trump’s presidency, he is no friend to the media.

This complaint has its basis in numerous areas, beginning with his refusal to allow a protective pool of reporters to follow his every move, which is generally allowed by not only presidents-elect but is also done by candidates before the election.

He also hasn’t held a press conference since he was elected, which is unheard of for a president-elect. The closest thing he has done to a press conference is sending a senior advisor to the lobby of his building to talk to reporters who are assembled there, which is as close as they are able to get to him, making it easy for him to sneak away unnoticed, like he has already done at least once so far.

President-Elect Trump needs to get with the program, allow a protective pool to follow him, and begin to hold press conferences. It is dangerous for a president to withhold so much information from the people who elected him.

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