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BREAKING: 9th Circuit upholds District Court ruling on Travel Ban

In a ruling handed down on Monday afternoon, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit has upheld in part a district court's ruling that the Executive Order signed by the President that instituted a travel ban from six Muslim-majority countries was unconstitutional, though they did overturn part of the initial ruling. 

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Why the voter fraud commission’s request was met with such harsh criticism

Last week, the voter fraud commission established by President Trump sent a letter to all 50 states asking for voting records, including birth dtes, social security numbers, and voting history, which includes party affiliation. Within days of this request, states were refusing it, citing privacy laws in their state. 

Here’s how President Trump transferred wealth to his son while avoiding the usual taxes (ProPublica)

This report from ProPublica shows how the President was able to sell two condos to his son while avoiding thousands of dollars in taxes.

North Korea confirms successful ICBM test (Live Thread Archive)

2:35 a.m. ET -- With the announcement having been concluded, we are signing off from our coverage. We will have more coverage and analysis in the morning. Until then, for everyone here at 1600PennWatch, have a good Fourth of July.... Continue Reading →

President Trump Job Approval: Week of June 19

With a new week starting, here is a look at the President's Job approval right now.

Missing U.S. Sailors found dead aboard USS Fitzgerald

According to a statement from the 7th fleet of the U.S. Navy, a number of the sailors who were missing after the USS Fitzgerald collided with a container ship last week off the coast of Japan were found dead in the berthing compartments of the Fitzgerald.

4 U.S. troops injured after “insider attack” in Afghanistan

Four U.S. soldiers were injured early Saturday in what appears to be an insider attack in northern Afghanistan, according to both U.S. and Afghan officials. If confirmed, it would mark the second time in a week that members of allied Afghan troops opened fire on American troops. 

7 U.S. Navy sailors missing after collision off Japanese Coast, cause under investigation

7 U.S. Navy sailors are missing today after the destroyer that they were on was involved in a collision with a container ship off the coast of Japan. 

Attorney General Sessions to testify in front of Senate Intelligence Committee

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said on Saturday that he would take the stand to testify in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, in response to the testimony of former FBI Director James Comey, which implied that the bureau may have something on Sessions.

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